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But they are not so deluded as to admire the terrorists — unlike the students Judith finds in Canada, who do idolize terrorists and figure Israelis are getting what they deserve. Also, Gold invents a new Palestinian terror group, which massacres a group of children in a bombing attack.

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But this is a substantial novel. With close to , words to work with, Gold could have exposed more subtle varieties of hatred. This, unfortunately, was no surprise as the apartheid group regularly features terrorists and their supporters at its anti-Israel events.

Nora Gold is affiliated with the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education OISE , which like the fictional university in her novel, is committed to an " anti-oppression " ideology and is one of the centres of the new antisemitism. For anyone interested in what's happening on our campuses and in what the leaders and teachers of tomorrow are being taught, it's a must read.

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Note: For information on submitting to Dundurn Press, see here. Quick Brown Fox wants your book reviews. Read how to write a book review here. Brian Henry is a Toronto writer, editor and creative writing instructor. A slightly shorter version of this review was published in the Jewish Tribune. Posted by Brian Henry at AM. Labels: All literary , Book reviews. Michael Joll September 15, at PM.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. At a certain point, I guess I figured that the only way to get it out of me was to write it out. I have no idea. Still, all this theoretical knowledge is precisely where the greatest challenge lay in writing this novel. I had to find ways to balance the intellectual content with all the other components that make a novel live and breathe: plot, character, and emotional and narrative flow.

To some, this is a heretical question. Personally speaking, I believe that books contain magic.

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A novel can get people to feel and think in completely new ways because, when we read, we let the characters living in books enter our inner lives. We enter their reality and see life through their eyes. So who knows?


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Maybe one or even two anti-Israelniks will read this novel , be able to relate to Judith, and stop for a moment to reflect on their knee-jerk hateful attitudes toward Israel. Perhaps the magic of books will make this happen.

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And after all, who should believe in this special magic more than us, the People of the Book? Nora Gold , the author of Fields of Exile , is a fiction writer, an activist, and the editor of the online literary journal, Jewish Fiction. Nora Gold, the author of Fields of Exile, is a fiction writer, an activist, and the editor of the online literary journal, Jewish Fiction.

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